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Rick Campfield

Cadence Development

Vancouver, Washington, US, 98684
Registered 07 Jun 2014

Expertise & Practice

  • Functional Area of Practice
  • Leadership
    CEO Training & Development
    CxO Training & Development
    Supervisor/Manager Development
    Staff Training & Development
  • Industry Focus
  • Advertising and public relations services
    Management, scientific, and technical consulting services
  • Languages
  • English
  • Ideal Company Phase
  • Growth
  • Preferred Service Area
  • USA
  • Certification
  • Total Quality Leadership | Strategic Selling | Large Account Management Planning | Transformational Leadership | Six Sigma Green Belt
  • License
  • --------------
  • Degrees
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering (University of Washington) + M.B.A. (Willamette University)

Company Information

  • Company Name
  • Cadence Development
  • Date Founded
  • 30 Jul 2008
  • Size
  • 1
  • Company Description
  • We help identify, address and remove personal, team and systemic constraints. Removing these constraints allows transformation to occur and encourages healthy, trusting relationships to grow. Improved morale, increased productivity and sustained profitability are the tangible results of Transformational Leadership.
  • Company Philosophy
  • Cadence Development is a firm that serves and values our clients with respect and in responsible ways which reflects the practical application of faith-based values throughout our organization. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, Cadence Development LLC is a consulting firm offering services focused on achieving high performance with high integrity. .
  • Why work with us
  • Every business, department, employee and customer has a unique way of conducting business. Some are on the same page, others are not. Imagine what can be accomplished with the entire team on the same page - the same cadence....
  • Customer History
  • I've worked with non-profits, Fortune 100 and private organizations throughout the U.S. I have conducted business across the globe, with business models of direct and channel distribution.

Answered 2 questions

Answered 4 years, 9 months ago

What is the best CRM for a small business? I would recommend SalesForce Lite.

Answered 4 years, 9 months ago

What is an effective Internet sales strategy for an established gourmet food brand? Developing a digital sales strategy is not as simply as one would think. Yes, everyone will tell you to set up your social media and start blogging. Selling strategies on the internet takes an expert. Find someone that has demonstrated success (ideally in your industry), and invest in your business by hiring them. Make the terms outcome based, and pull the trigger. Going on your own will result in lower cost with no serious increase in top line growth. I'd be happy to point you in the direction of experts in this arena.