About Us

We started Akatal to make it easy for companies to get answers quickly and search for consultants, and to give consultants visibility in the market.

The right consultant makes the difference!
Our registered consultants are experts in their area of practice. Our registered companies are the backbone of our economy. It is our mission to serve and connect these two groups.

How it works

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Search for a consultant based on criteria important to you.

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At no cost, you can ask any question you'd like in real time anonymously.

Research Advice

Registered consultants will post replies to your question, usually within 24 hours.

The meaning of Akatal

A katal (/kăt'l/ n.) is a unit of catalytic activity; a catalyst is a substance that starts or
speeds a reaction, which is exactly what the right consultant will be.

Our Story

In April 2008, Rick Campfield starting a consulting practice. While searching the Internet for consultants to benchmark from, he discovered there were no single, local proprietor results. In fact, the first several pages of major search engines consisted of companies around the world, from consulting associations to magazines with consulting articles. Rick also reflected on the challenges he had throughout his career when looking for and selecting consultants.

After interviewing numerous consultants and companies, Rick discovered a business opportunity; create a website that will showcase expert consultants and make it easy for companies to find them. Thus, the ideal of Akatal was born. It wasn't until Rick's MBA culminating project in the winter of 2012 that he finalized the plan and began website development.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."


We are a small team that bring many years of entrepreneurial and investment experience to our portfolio companies.
We’ve had our successes and failures, so we should know what you’re going through – we don’t like talking about ourselves too much.