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About Akatal

We are creating a community for consultants and those companies seeking their expertise. We will equip consultants with knowledge, tools, and revenue opportunities, and ultimately be a catalyst for connection with the clients they are seeking to attract. For companies, we will equip them with answers to their questions and a list of consultants that meet their exacting requirements for possible follow-up.


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    Search for a consultant based on
    criteria important to you.

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    For free, you can ask questions without sharing personal identifiable information.

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    Registered consultants will post replies to your questions for your consideration.

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    Email a consultant for further discussion and possible engagement.

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    Search the Q&A library and other topics important to you, including consulting engagement tips.

  • Safe and secure

    Your privacy is important to us. All questions are posted anonymously.


  • Promote your practice

    Our marketing platform will provide you the opportunity to showcase your expertise to the market.

  • Demonstrate your expertise

    Answer questions asked to give you visibility and potential connection to the author looking for counsel.

  • Generate more leads

    In addition to promoting your practice, we offer advertising opportunities to give you maximum visibility.

  • Respond to leads

    Companies can contact you directly, providing opportunity for follow-up and engagement.

  • Increase your value

    Search the Q&A library and other topics, including tools and ideas to support your practice.

  • Safe and secure

    Your privacy is important to us.